Sunday, February 26, 2012

Phase one of Operation Travel Gnome: Sunil's Adventure Pods

We are in full swing with Operation Travel Gnome! The response from people have been incredible and I'm so excited to see what comes from this. I was just hoping for a few people taking some Sunil to some fun places and what I've received is ten times more! So far Sunil is heading to Charleston, SC and is currently in
Dublin Ireland, Plainfield Indiana,Tennessee, El Segundo, Ca, San Francisco, Ca, Galveston, TX, Philadelphia, PA and Minneapolis, MN. Not a bad start. 

We are recording video and taking pictures and, I hope, creating something memorable. Jazzmyn Banks is a fantastic friend who I met through Sunil. She is a talented film maker and said I should turn this project into a documentary. So I am! I'm not really sure what that means yet as we are in just the first stage of this. I do know that with Sunil's creative friends having his "Adventure Pods" in their hands anything is possible!

If you still want to get in on the project you still can! There is plenty of Sunil to go around. You can donate money to help pay for the urn and shipping and I'll send him out to you. I hope to start fundraising for the film project and be able to start really getting some great footage. Till then, if you get an urn you can just use your videocam on your computer set on the highest setting. I can send you instructions when you get the urn if you need. 

Most of the folks that are doing this knew Sunil and he holds a special place in their hearts. I also have a cousin in Dublin who has never met Sunil but offered to do this for us. Thanks Nicki! I am starting to believe that this is really going to turn into something special. 

I leave you with some pics that have already started to come in!

Just select "Friends and Family" on the Paypal link and follow the instructions to send money to If you use a credit card they will charge you the fee or they will take it out of the balance you send. Either way is ok with me.