Sunday, March 06, 2011

February in the new apartment...

Hello all! The animals and I survived the doldrums of February and are sooooo looking forward to March and the daffodils. I only have two more boxes to unpack and then I'm officially all moved in. Phew. Trixie and I are trying to go to the dog park everyday if the weather is nice. She is loving it! Although the dogs are REAL BIG at this dog park as seen below...

My friend Katt, Trixie and I went to visit Ma Rajan in Michigan last week. It was a super fun weekend full of laughter, food and fantastic conversation. Katt and I adore our girl time with Poppimom.
This is what we drove through to get to Poppimom!Katt driving the Torrent!

Trixie getting spoiled by poppimom. She got a pigs Ear! Poppimom loves her granddoggie!

Gotta love eating at Cracker Barrel!
Cheers to Poppimom at the bar! (drinking hot tea) :)

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