Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving to Brooklyn!

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. Life is taking me places. As of right now, it is taking me to Brooklyn! I'm moving Saturday the 29th and there are amazing friends coming in from three states to help me move! I am so thankful for everything the people in my world are doing to help me.

I've been trying to return to work. I'm on unemployment now and temping when I can. I'm not quite ready for a full-time position yet. I found myself very stressed out the three weeks I worked for someone temping. It may sound strange but I'm gun-shy when it comes to taking care of people. My job is an administrative assistant and that just means, roughly translated, that I take care of people. I get anxious, I can't sleep, I worry. I may have to find a job that doesn't require someone counting on me to get things done...HA! What could that possibly entail? I'm not sure...

I haven't signed my lease yet, so I'm not quite sure what my forwarding address is. They are asking for 3 months in rent. Who does that anymore and who thinks that I have that kind of money sitting around! If anyone feels they want to help out a stupid widow that can't seem to get her shit together I would be ever so grateful! I'm $1400 short. It would be a loan I could pay back. If you are interested please email me. You have to know that going from the main Breadwinner/Caregiver to having to rely on someone else's kindness is a truly humbling experience that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who has a ton of pride like me!

I will leave you with some funny pics of Marlon and I hanging out last week, and others!

Posing like the Ken doll
Favorite little hamster with the crooked eyes and buck teeth!
Goofy on the train
I'm playing winter touch co-ed football! Don't I look cold cuz I am!!!
Dobby (was up suppose to be a gift to ma and pa rajan, but he wasn't a good fit for them so now he is Angela's) trying on Trixie's Underdog Costume!

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Chris Mitchell said...

I wish I had the money to give to you. You deserve it after all that you've been through.