Monday, November 01, 2010

6 months

6 months of widowhood. It has been a strange emotional ride. I've been back in the city since September, moved my room around, looked endlessly for a new apt, bunch o walks w/ Trixie, took a ton of naps, went to six flags, went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, went to two auditions and decided to start temping again.

I've had good days and bad. I'm not very good about going out and being social yet. It is hard to have fun. I constantly wish Sunil was here to enjoy things with me. It is definitely getting better though.

Since my extended 'summer vacation' is over, I hope to start working a couple days a week with the old temp service I used before I was hired full-time at my last job. I hope to find an apartment soon. Ideally it will be a garden floor in a brownstone that has outdoor space. If I can't find that, I will look for a house in the 'burbs with a yard. Trix does better with more space. I do better with more space. The cats need more space to escape from Trix! :)

Here is a few of the signs from the rally! They are hilarious!