Saturday, July 10, 2010

I blew stuff up for the 4th of July

This is my Dad, Craig.

My dad has been buggin' Sunil and I to come up on the 4th of July for his annual BBQ. He says they always have sooo much fun buying fireworks and lighting them off all night. So, Sunil and I talked about going to MN for this 4th.

I made it back to MN two days before the festivities with a car full of fireworks I picked up on the way. Dad bought a bunch of fireworks and his neighbor had hundreds of items to blow up. It was AWESOME!!!! The best part about the night was that NO ONE GOT BURNED! :) There were sparks flying, things exploding, and people throwing little firecrackers at each other's feet. Smokey the Bear would have had a heart attack watching the irresponsibility of the grown ups that night. About 1 AM the 4 wheel drive tucks came out as well as the tracker. Drivin' through my Dad's land at too high of speed narrowly avoiding the trees. Dad even got stuck on his swamp rode! It was funny. On my way to go see Dad stuck and make fun of him, I fell in a big mud pit and face planted in swamp water. yup, swamp water. Who's laughing now? :)

We all slept, a little, and got up the next morning to look at the carnage. Paper and cardboard everywhere. My fav was finding the fireworks that didn't go off and throwing them in the fire!

So Dad was right. His Fourth of July BBQ was great. Becky, my step-mom, set it up awesome and made sure everyone was fed. They were both great hosts!

Here are some pictures, mostly of how dirty we all got from running around the land and falling in swamp holes! :

Jamie and Greg Looking pretty.

Scott, Jake and Andy before the dirty night got crazy...their shirts were grey and brown by the end of the night.

Jamie and I decided to go out in the swamp... The boys took that opportunity to fire bottle rockets us. Luckily they were horrible at it...

My awesome step-mom Becky with our family friend Dave in the background.

Charlie and Barb on the tractor

Jamie, Best Friend since the 5th grade.
Jake the next morning... His head hurt... Huh, I wonder why?

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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

i am sort of glad that i didnt make any of the photo's. peeps do look pretty dirty! gezzzz.....
it was a fun weekend. maybe next year again????