Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York Fun!

Some fun highlights of the two weeks I've in NYC. All is not sadness. I have sad moments, I cry, then I look up to the 'upper right hand corner of the room' where Sunil read an article once that said most Americans think God hangs out there, and smile that I'm actually looking up at the upper right hand corner of the room. :) giggles. Then I'm ok. Anyway....

1. Trixie's way of hanging out in the apartment...

2. Performing in Brooklyn (Video to come soon...)

3. Donald and Paulie's Viking Birthday Party

The Vikings "pillaging" in the hull of the Frying Pan. It is AMAZING what you can do with felt and hot glue!

Donald 'Thor' Bradford Katt 'Helga' Masterson

Christie and Paulie Mandi 'Lena' B-R
4. Hangin' with Marlon and having her make me a motorcycle License.

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