Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York Fun!

Some fun highlights of the two weeks I've in NYC. All is not sadness. I have sad moments, I cry, then I look up to the 'upper right hand corner of the room' where Sunil read an article once that said most Americans think God hangs out there, and smile that I'm actually looking up at the upper right hand corner of the room. :) giggles. Then I'm ok. Anyway....

1. Trixie's way of hanging out in the apartment...

2. Performing in Brooklyn (Video to come soon...)

3. Donald and Paulie's Viking Birthday Party

The Vikings "pillaging" in the hull of the Frying Pan. It is AMAZING what you can do with felt and hot glue!

Donald 'Thor' Bradford Katt 'Helga' Masterson

Christie and Paulie Mandi 'Lena' B-R
4. Hangin' with Marlon and having her make me a motorcycle License.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in NYC but my heart is with my motorcycle...

Katt and I made it back to NYC last Wednesday at about 3AM. LONG DRIVE... Angela and my new friend Michael made me a bunch of welcome home signs and waited up for me to get home so they could help me unload the car! So Awesome!!!!

I'm not gunna lie to ya'll, I don't want to be back here. The only thing that happened in this apartment was Sunil's health failing. No happy memories. I'm back in town to take care of business. I'm back to write Thank You cards, pay some medical bills, and perform at the Bococa Arts Festival. New York has always been Sunil's city. I only have memories of us here together. Maybe in the fall I will be ready to take on the city by myself, but right now, I just want to run back to Minnesota and hop on my bike and ride.

With that said...
I've had two performances with 'Usual Suspects' my friend Ray's improv crew. It has been really fun! I even had someone come out and enjoy the show. Special thanks to Preetam for coming all the way from NJ! Here is a pic of a rehearsal we had before the show...

Trixie and I will be taking the long trip back to MN via MI on Sat or Sun. I think we will be staying with the Rajan's for two nights and three days before we head out to MN. I'm thinking of taking the ferry across Lake Michigan to give myself a break in driving. It's kinda neat that it takes your from Muskegan to Milwaukee. It's gunna cost like $200 tho, gross!

I'm going to Video the show tonight for those who have no idea what improv is, and/or those that would like to support but live to far away.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One month of widowhood...Is that a word?

I can't believe it has been a month. My heart still hurts. I'm lonely yet surrounded by people. I have fun moments but there is still that tragedy looming over me that I can't shake. I get mad when I want to text Sunil about something and he isn't on the other end of the phone to receive it. He was my best friend and I'm missing him huge. I can't say how it will begin to feel the further it gets away from his death. I know now that I miss him so much it hurts. I try to distract myself with things but it is amazing how everything I do circles back to me wanting to share it with Sunil. I guess I should read some books or go see someone to help me "cope" but I don't want other people telling me what to do. I never have. I'm just going to feel sad when I feel sad, cry when I need to. Get angry when I need to get angry. Working out my own emotion in the waves they present themselves to me.

Despite how I feel, I'm finding life goes on for those of us still walking on this earth. I've completed the facelift on my parents basement minus the trim and carpet...

I rode up to Big Lake, Mn with my dad and some peeps to buy roll bars and highway pegs for my bike, as well as saddle bags and a new helmet. Here are pics of my Dad and I finding helmets and my bike with the new additions on it!

I played a game with the fam on Sunday night.

I went swimming and hung out all day outside by Sean's pool yesterday.
My sis and I took Trixie and Lilly to jump in with us, they were such chickens!! I brought them into the pool and they swam to the steps and got out right away. Bunch of babies.

My BFF since practically diapers came over with her two girls and swam. Here is a pic of her youngest Sofia with my sis Dayna.

I should be driving back to New York soon. I should be starting my life again. I should be excited to get back and start auditioning and performing. I should go and start to figure out who I am now. I just can't yet. I don't want to return to the apartment where Sunil isn't going to be. Will I ever be ready for that?