Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tattooed and finally warm!

It is shaping up to be a beautiful week here in MN! I can here the birds chirping, the sun is out, the dogs are out back wrestling, I'm in my jammies still at 10 AM. :) Life can be relaxing if I let it be.

Last Saturday Sonali, Nate, Joann, Jamie and my brother Matt all headed up to Isle, MN to get tattooed! Sonali and I got Sunil's "tag" for those who don't know what that is, it was his signature.
He always signed cards and letters with this. My brother's was a bit more detailed but turned out absolutely beautiful.

While we were up there, we stopped by Joann's family's farm! I fed a cow!!
It was scary and slobbery and super fun. Joann's mom, Deb, fed us wonderful lasagna and cherry cheesecake. mmmmm. Joann's dad, Ed, let me try some of the tomato wine he got in Florida. It was good! It had some spice to it so it was reminiscent of a bloody mary but with the delightfulness of wine. Mmmmm again.

I went up to my dad's house yesterday because the old man hurt his back! He lives on a lot of land so I h0pped on the riding mower and mowed the lawn, despite my fear of wood ticks. Miraculously, after being clotheslined by about 5 trees and an actual clothes line, I never ended up with one single tick on me! Take that nature!

I'm not sure when I'm heading back. I don't really want to go yet. I guess I will leave when I'm ready. I have to go get back to life and auditioning again. I have to move on. Right now, I sit. I meditate, I cry, I laugh and I get ink. I guess we all mourn in our own way...:)


JoAnn Venhuizen said...

the last paragraph of your blog makes me very thankful for who you are. i love that you aren't ready to leave MN yet and that you are finding rest here. I also am very settled (not sure thats the right word) knowing you mourn in your own way....but am a little thankful to hear that you've been crying some. you've been such a rock the past months and allowing yourself to 'feel' is really good. i am also glad that you are the type of person that loves to laugh- and that you love to make those around you laugh....you can come feed cows anytime you want. anyways- i love you. and MN wants you to stay as long as you need!!!! :) when can we go out and play again?

Becky said...

I'm so proud of you for knowing what you need and taking it day by day until you know you're ready. And when you are, if you are still going to pass through MI on the way home, we are gonna get some pedis and have more girl time!!!

UbuReader said...

Thanks for showing the picture of the tattoo! Somewhere deep in some drawer somewhere is probably a tag like this, but I had forgotten about it. That's fantastic!

I was so sorry to miss the memorial, being in Europe, but my wife made it, and said it was really lovely. I hope you all are doing as well as you can. I was sort of hoping that there might be a piercing, tattooing, or hair dressing artist at the memorial for the people there. When I first met him, with the purple hair and piercings, I didn't know quite what to make of him. It didn't take long.

Best, and if you're in town, maybe we'll see you at Lucas' birthday party on the 12th!