Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Motorcycles, Funerals and Home Improvement

I bought a bike. I really did it. It's a 600cc Honda Shadow. I love it! I've always wanted one. Right before I moved to NYC I was looking for one. Without the money to do both, I decided to go to NYC with Sunil. I was always a bit afraid to have a bike in the city and Sunil and I never really had the money to spend on something I wouldn't use very often. Well, I have come to the conclusion that I am going through my mid-life crisis a bit early! :) I've had my bike for a week now and I love it!!!! I will keep it here until I feel good about driving it cross-country.

Saturday I went to the funeral of my father's old friend Randy. He died unexpectedly. There was about 15-20 motorcycles in the funeral procession. It was beautiful...and LOUD. After the funeral the crew went back to a buddy's house. My father, step-mom and friend Charlie decided to go get breakfast. I went home after and on the way back to their buddy's house Dad and Charlie say two motorcycle mangled on the side of the rode. Dad yelled to Charlie, "That looks like Mitch's bike" they pulled into the house and saw all the guys just sitting around not speaking. Mitch and another biker were in an accident. Mitch was brought to HCMC with severe head trauma. After emergency surgery, he didn't make it. He died. It's a bit strange as Mitch was just making fun of me for running out of gas in my bike on the way to the funeral. In case you want to pray for his family, his real name is Kevin Simons. Everyone in my Dad's crew has a nickname. His just happens to by Mitch.

I talked my mom and step-dad into redoing their basement! So without further ado we started peeling 40 year old wallpaper off the walls. GROOSSSSSS. It was fun and a ton of work. I forgot how much I enjoy doing this kind of stuff. I haven't done any home improvement since I sold my house in 2004.

I was able to go out in the canoe with my dad on his swamp. It was nice! The frogs were sooooo loud. Enjoy the video...


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Chris Mitchell said...

Hi Mandy,

Too many funerals...

I am sorry about your friends Randy and Mitch.

I am so glad to see and hear you are living.

Love the bike and love the video.