Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Motorcycles, Funerals and Home Improvement

I bought a bike. I really did it. It's a 600cc Honda Shadow. I love it! I've always wanted one. Right before I moved to NYC I was looking for one. Without the money to do both, I decided to go to NYC with Sunil. I was always a bit afraid to have a bike in the city and Sunil and I never really had the money to spend on something I wouldn't use very often. Well, I have come to the conclusion that I am going through my mid-life crisis a bit early! :) I've had my bike for a week now and I love it!!!! I will keep it here until I feel good about driving it cross-country.

Saturday I went to the funeral of my father's old friend Randy. He died unexpectedly. There was about 15-20 motorcycles in the funeral procession. It was beautiful...and LOUD. After the funeral the crew went back to a buddy's house. My father, step-mom and friend Charlie decided to go get breakfast. I went home after and on the way back to their buddy's house Dad and Charlie say two motorcycle mangled on the side of the rode. Dad yelled to Charlie, "That looks like Mitch's bike" they pulled into the house and saw all the guys just sitting around not speaking. Mitch and another biker were in an accident. Mitch was brought to HCMC with severe head trauma. After emergency surgery, he didn't make it. He died. It's a bit strange as Mitch was just making fun of me for running out of gas in my bike on the way to the funeral. In case you want to pray for his family, his real name is Kevin Simons. Everyone in my Dad's crew has a nickname. His just happens to by Mitch.

I talked my mom and step-dad into redoing their basement! So without further ado we started peeling 40 year old wallpaper off the walls. GROOSSSSSS. It was fun and a ton of work. I forgot how much I enjoy doing this kind of stuff. I haven't done any home improvement since I sold my house in 2004.

I was able to go out in the canoe with my dad on his swamp. It was nice! The frogs were sooooo loud. Enjoy the video...


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tattooed and finally warm!

It is shaping up to be a beautiful week here in MN! I can here the birds chirping, the sun is out, the dogs are out back wrestling, I'm in my jammies still at 10 AM. :) Life can be relaxing if I let it be.

Last Saturday Sonali, Nate, Joann, Jamie and my brother Matt all headed up to Isle, MN to get tattooed! Sonali and I got Sunil's "tag" for those who don't know what that is, it was his signature.
He always signed cards and letters with this. My brother's was a bit more detailed but turned out absolutely beautiful.

While we were up there, we stopped by Joann's family's farm! I fed a cow!!
It was scary and slobbery and super fun. Joann's mom, Deb, fed us wonderful lasagna and cherry cheesecake. mmmmm. Joann's dad, Ed, let me try some of the tomato wine he got in Florida. It was good! It had some spice to it so it was reminiscent of a bloody mary but with the delightfulness of wine. Mmmmm again.

I went up to my dad's house yesterday because the old man hurt his back! He lives on a lot of land so I h0pped on the riding mower and mowed the lawn, despite my fear of wood ticks. Miraculously, after being clotheslined by about 5 trees and an actual clothes line, I never ended up with one single tick on me! Take that nature!

I'm not sure when I'm heading back. I don't really want to go yet. I guess I will leave when I'm ready. I have to go get back to life and auditioning again. I have to move on. Right now, I sit. I meditate, I cry, I laugh and I get ink. I guess we all mourn in our own way...:)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Minnesota Nice or is it Minnesota ICE!!!

It's flippin' freeeeezin' here! What the poop is happening to global warming! Trixie and I have been here since Friday and Trixie has been getting along famously with my parent's pooches Lilly and Lucky. Last night as they were playing at about 10pm Trixie let out a ginormous YELP! While wrestling with Lilly she bent her dew claw completely around! It was bleeding and so sad looking. Off to the suburban Doggie ER! $215 later she had a blue bandage and a cone of shame! She has been hobbling around all day not quite sure how to make her paw work with that huge bandage on her foot. Poor thing!!!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

On the road...

The day has been pretty uneventful. Started our journey across country at 8AM Eastern, leaving the city while everyone fights to get in. We are currently outside of Gary, Indiana and it's about 8PM Central.

I didn't think Trixie was going to do as well as she is. But she is chillin, sleepin on us, not getting car sick!! Wahoo!!! 

Here she is on Joann.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Thank you for everything!

I'm off to Minnesota for a while. Gonna go back to my midwestern roots for as long as I can take it. :) My mom, Joann, Allison and Trixie. In the 1994 Toyota Rav4 that Sunil got as a graduation present from college. Yup, to all that remember that car, it is still alive. It has 124,000 miles on it and is running strong. The only thing different is the clutch and the muffler! Woot Woot.

I am truly filled with love with all the support that has come in from all over the world.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Honoring Sunil's Memory

Sunil's memorial service will be Monday, May 3. 10:30am-12:30pm. Greenwich Village Funeral Home / Crestwood Memorial Chapel, 199 Bleecker St (btwn 6th Avenue and MacDougal).

Lunch to follow at Garage (99 7th Avenue South, New York, NY), for those who wish to join us.

In lieu of flowers, please check this website for ideas how to honor Sunil's memory:


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful pictures and stories, and the amazing love and support that keep flowing in!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Memorial Service Information

The memorial for Sunil Rajan will be held this Monday from 10:30am-1230pm at Crestwood Memorial Chapel/Greenwich Village Funeral Home located at 199 Bleecker Street (btwn MacDougal and Sixth Ave).

Also, if you have any photos, videos or sound recordings you would like to share with his family please email them to me ( angelajodom@gmail.com ) and I will pass them on.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or need any further information @ 646-522-5722.

-Angela Odom

Sunil Jairam Rajan 5/1/74 -5/1/10

I am writing at Mandi's request to let you all know that Sunil passed away early this morning. His family is in the process of planning a memorial service. All we know at this point is that we are trying to have it on Monday, May 3rd- for those of you who might want to come in from out of town. I will post more specific information on the memorial gathering as soon as we have it.

If you would like me to pass any messages on to the family, or would like more information please feel free to call my cell phone 646-522-5722.

Happy Birthday, Sunil, we all love you very much.

-Angela Odom