Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fw: Sunil went to the ER yesterday

He had an asthmatic type breathing problem. We didn't want to go but EMS couldn't get his O2 levels above 90% so off to the ER we went.

They admitted him to monitor his lungs. Docs wanted to make sure it wasn't aspiration that may cause pneumonia.  It was a disgusting night for me. I hope his delirium had made him forget being awake until after 4am. 
Why was it disgusting you ask?
The hospital tried to kick me out when visiting hours are over I said I'm not leaving and they practically kicked me out. I talked them into letting me stay until he got a roommate. I sat in a crappy chair with no headrest all night.  I honored my end of the bargain and left when his roommate was admitted at 4am. Man, the hospital works on a different time continuum then any place else in the world. I guess emergencies are not limited to daytime hours. 

At any rate, Sunil is being discharged hopefully soon. I woke up at 745AM to come back only to find out by the security guard that no one is allowed up till 11AM for visiting hours. A couple things happened. 1. I became extremely annoyed and enraged that my husband, who couldn't ring the call button if he needed to, was left alone. 2. I cried because I thought for sure he was staring at his breakfast wishing someone would fed him. 3. Realized that PMS and 2.5 hours of sleep equals a unnecessary heightened emotional level. And finally 4. I COULD HAVE SLEPT 2 EXTRA BEAUTIFUL DROOLY SNOREFUL HOURS! 

Did I mentioned that I was starving. Everyone that has spent any decent amount of time with me knows that I grow large hungry horns! HUGE hungry horns that could take down a wooly mammouth.

Alas the awesome security guard got a patient advocate to come help me. She went up and checked with Sunil, assured me everything was fine. Still angry and full of snot dripping out my nose I lumbered across the street to gather myself an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, large coffe with cream and sugar, and a no pulp tropicana orange juice. I found a table in the sun and exhaled. 

One more chest xray, an analysis of the results and a discharge.  A meeting with the medical director from Calvary tomorrow to re-analize and adjust meds. A visit from Heather Lentz-jdfsh ( bad at remembering married name) hunter? Love you still heather:) and then a patio picnic for sunil's 36 birthday Sat at 3. Come on by if you wanna say hi! 

415 W 150th st. #402
NY,NY 10031

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vidyut said...

Sending lots of love and hugs all the way across to you both!