Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fw: Sunil went to the ER yesterday

He had an asthmatic type breathing problem. We didn't want to go but EMS couldn't get his O2 levels above 90% so off to the ER we went.

They admitted him to monitor his lungs. Docs wanted to make sure it wasn't aspiration that may cause pneumonia.  It was a disgusting night for me. I hope his delirium had made him forget being awake until after 4am. 
Why was it disgusting you ask?
The hospital tried to kick me out when visiting hours are over I said I'm not leaving and they practically kicked me out. I talked them into letting me stay until he got a roommate. I sat in a crappy chair with no headrest all night.  I honored my end of the bargain and left when his roommate was admitted at 4am. Man, the hospital works on a different time continuum then any place else in the world. I guess emergencies are not limited to daytime hours. 

At any rate, Sunil is being discharged hopefully soon. I woke up at 745AM to come back only to find out by the security guard that no one is allowed up till 11AM for visiting hours. A couple things happened. 1. I became extremely annoyed and enraged that my husband, who couldn't ring the call button if he needed to, was left alone. 2. I cried because I thought for sure he was staring at his breakfast wishing someone would fed him. 3. Realized that PMS and 2.5 hours of sleep equals a unnecessary heightened emotional level. And finally 4. I COULD HAVE SLEPT 2 EXTRA BEAUTIFUL DROOLY SNOREFUL HOURS! 

Did I mentioned that I was starving. Everyone that has spent any decent amount of time with me knows that I grow large hungry horns! HUGE hungry horns that could take down a wooly mammouth.

Alas the awesome security guard got a patient advocate to come help me. She went up and checked with Sunil, assured me everything was fine. Still angry and full of snot dripping out my nose I lumbered across the street to gather myself an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, large coffe with cream and sugar, and a no pulp tropicana orange juice. I found a table in the sun and exhaled. 

One more chest xray, an analysis of the results and a discharge.  A meeting with the medical director from Calvary tomorrow to re-analize and adjust meds. A visit from Heather Lentz-jdfsh ( bad at remembering married name) hunter? Love you still heather:) and then a patio picnic for sunil's 36 birthday Sat at 3. Come on by if you wanna say hi! 

415 W 150th st. #402
NY,NY 10031

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We had a great visit from Sunil's old friend Chris Mitchell. They worked together on the Carousel tour a long time ago. It was nice to meet him. Chris and his wife have been through a lot the past few years and it was encouraging to see another couple with a "never give up" attitude. Thanks Chris!!

It was another outside day for us! We enjoyed the sunshine after Chris left and Thomas came. Here is Sunil soaking up the sun.

Our cats have been cute lately, thought I would share some pics of them...No story to go with it. Just stupid cute cat pics.

This is Katt and Trixie cuddling down to watch "Life" on Discovery.

Hey look, I made Masala Dosa all by myself!!! I mean they are no Paper Dosa, but they were tasty! I am a good Indian wife!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Donut!!

It was a very restful and peaceful weekend. Trixie let us sleep until noon on Saturday and didn't chew anything she wasn't suppose to. Miraculous! :)

Sunil and I talked, ate, napped, and we even went outside with Trix!

Sunday, Marlon and Amanda came over and brought the greatest present for Trixie ever!!!

Marlon got Trixie a donut toy! She loves it!

Sunil is hangin' in. very talkative. I fear the drugs and the tumor and the UTI he can't get rid of is making him have some fancy stories. He is so convinced that he goes places and still works that we just kinda go with a ride. He has his sense of humor still, which is very refreshing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got some sun

Sunil and his aid Mr. Thomas hanging in the sun.

Yesterday Sunil got outside! It was a gorgeous spring day.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Marlon is 10 and Easter is fun!

Marlon's Birthday Lunch. Precious picture.

So sorry we haven't updated in a bit. My space bar broke on my keyboard and I've been waiting for a replacement. It is taking a while, so I transferred the pics to our tiny netbook and now I'm back in business. :)

Sunil's health continues to decline. His neck is giving him soooo much pain that we have to keep him on a steady regimen of Oxycontin and Oxycodone. The doctors told us to expect a decline, but I just can't believe it, even as I see it. Sunil says "I'm trying to get better" and that breaks my heart. I hope he doesn't feel like he is failing in his effort to heal. It's not his fault that the bastard tumor is taking his body away from him. I just pray every day that God would not take his right hand. I pray everyday that Sunil could be the miracle we all pray for. He is finally able to rest without pain today after a pretty bad night of waking in agony. We have enough Oxy in his system now to help his neck pain recede. His tumor is growing in his spine and causing the pain. Grrrrrr, with some tears, is all I have to say about that.

Marlon's Birthday Parties
We are still managing to have joy amongst the pain and anger. Marlon turned 10 on the 29th and came over for a Birthday lunch. She also had a Birthday party with her friends at her apartment the Friday before her Birthday. Amanda shared some pics with us, so I will share the controlled-chaos with ya'll.
New Tamborine (Above) and Chocolate Fondu (Below)
Birthday TWISTER!

We made her favorite food of Skirt Steak and Mashed Potatoes with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. I unknowingly bought trick candles that wouldn't blow out! It turned out to be an hilarious surprise!

Easter Thursday! ?
On Thursday we arranged for the Easter Bunny to come early to celebrate while Marlon, Amanda and Sunil's parents were in town. I made a honey-glaze spiral ham, with mashed potatoes and the classic Green Bean Casserole. I hate the damn casserole but everyone LOVES it, especially Sunil, so I sacrificed and made it anyway :) We all had our own Easter baskets to find and 26 Easter Eggs to hunt down. It was super fun.
Easter Candy Lipstick

Friday, while Sunil's parents were still here, I took the day off and biked uptown to our old 'hood on 207th street to hang with Angela. We did a bit of biking around Inwood Park. Then we ended up at a cute cafe at 215th street eating good food and drinking a ton of Reisling. Which made it hard for me to bike home! :) But I did it. Although it was more physical activity than I've done since October when I quit being a fitness instructor. I woke up that night with LEG ACHES! Sunil and I were both a wreck. Although he had the good drugs and I had Ibuprofen :(
Mandi and Angela ready to ride!!

Orphan's Easter AKA "Orster"
Then on Sunday, Sunil and I hosted "Orphan's Easter!" Our friend Angela was going to have it, but since Sunil isn't very mobile these days, the party came to us!!! Anita (Sunil's Cousin) and her boyfriend Shane came and cooked lots of nummy Indian veggie dished. I heated up the leftover ham, we made roasted garlic mashed potatoes, Donald and Paulie brought and steamed Lobsters!!(Sunil wanted Lobster), Christine and Walter brought an amazing berry crisp with ice cream, Sara brought amazing Vegan cupcakes, and Angela's friend Heather brought the crudités! We had a ton of good conversation. Oh, and we had a pack of freakin' dogs here! Donald and Paulie brought Pinecone and Voltron. Sara brought her pooch Abeza and then there was Trixie, who turned out to be a fantastic hostess to her doggie friends. I hid about 50 Easter Eggs for the grown-ups to have some fun. It turned out to be pretty competitive. As you can see from the pics below. We also dyed some Easter Eggs. It seems grown-ups that don't have kids don't get to do the fun stuff anymore, so I think this was a big hit!

Donald, Walter and Paul showing off their finds!

Decorating eggs! from left: Donald, Sara, Walter, Angela, Abeza, Heather (hidden in Christine's hair) and Christine.
Trixie's Newest Thing
Trixie's Newest thing is to go in Marlon's room where the cats nap and bark and prance and carry-on to get the cat's attention. As if to say, "why won't you play with me?"

That is us. You are all caught up. I must go finish our taxes now. Time is a tickin'

Love you all and please continue to pray and send us cookies! :) Wait, did I say send us cookies, what I meant to say is, well wishes, continue to pray and send us well wishes... ;)