Monday, March 08, 2010

Visitors and visitors and visitors...

From left: Jim, Sunil, Donald, Paul and Dale
This was from the impromptu party we accidently had two weekends ago.

Hello All!
It has been a while since we last posted, well, because life happens tooo fast!! We have had lots of people coming over to hang out and do life with us. We absolutely love the love we are getting from everyone.

Sunil doesn't get out of bed much these days,
his body is having a tough time regulating his blood pressure so he gets light headed and feels like passing out when we sit him up with his feet down. We were FINALLY able to get an adjustable bed so I think that will help to keep him a bit more regulated. We have had the morning to ourself today, it is nice after a weekend with a full house of people. His parents came in for a long weekend, Nate was in town, and Amanda and Marlon came up for a visit yesterday. Plus we had a visit on Friday from old family friend's The Neelys.

The Neelys and Rajans

Marlon, Trix and Sonali

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ilightyouup said...

Hey Rajan Family,

Please tell Sunil that John Bartenstein says he wants another shot at Montreal! I miss you Sunil. I just found out what's really going on with you thanks to JP. (Sorry Family but please pass this along) Kick that motherfuckin cancer out of your motherfuckin head! I love you brother. You've got all my thoughts and prayers until you beat that shit.

Strong friends, strong fights, strong finishes!


John Bartenstein