Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sunil has been having issues with his neck the past week. I've had to really narc him up with Oxycontin and Oxycodone because he can't sleep and he is in a ton of pain. He woke up today when Nurse Ada came and said that the "burning" sensation in his neck feels better but it is still stiff. Thankfully we have amazing people surrounding him and trying to help him with pain. Nick is an amazing acupuncturist, Felicia is an extension of our family now coming to do massage therapy, and finally there is Ada. I feel that God has really blessed us with Ada. She come with hugs and a smile on her face. She will call and check up on Sunil so concerned about how he is. The animals LOVE her! When she comes we have to hold them off and remind them that she is here to see Sunil not them! :)

Nurse Ada!!!
Sunil's spirits are still up. He is trying his hardest to relax and not hurt. We've still been going on walks. The past two days we've stayed in as he is so narced-up he has been sleeping all day.

Last night our friend Walter came over to watch a scary movie. I hate Scary movies! I have nightmares. Plus, I just don't think they are entertaining. So Walter and Sunil have bonded over scary movies. Katt was here too. She watched the movie with the boys while Trix and I sat in the living room quilting. I'm so old.

Thank you all for subscribing to the blog and reading. It makes me feel better to know that so many people are paying attention to Sunil. I just hope he knows how truly loved he is.

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Allison said...

And thank you for posting on this blog! You are both loved - SO MUCH!!!
What are you knitting? A cute sweater for Trixie?