Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sunil has been having issues with his neck the past week. I've had to really narc him up with Oxycontin and Oxycodone because he can't sleep and he is in a ton of pain. He woke up today when Nurse Ada came and said that the "burning" sensation in his neck feels better but it is still stiff. Thankfully we have amazing people surrounding him and trying to help him with pain. Nick is an amazing acupuncturist, Felicia is an extension of our family now coming to do massage therapy, and finally there is Ada. I feel that God has really blessed us with Ada. She come with hugs and a smile on her face. She will call and check up on Sunil so concerned about how he is. The animals LOVE her! When she comes we have to hold them off and remind them that she is here to see Sunil not them! :)

Nurse Ada!!!
Sunil's spirits are still up. He is trying his hardest to relax and not hurt. We've still been going on walks. The past two days we've stayed in as he is so narced-up he has been sleeping all day.

Last night our friend Walter came over to watch a scary movie. I hate Scary movies! I have nightmares. Plus, I just don't think they are entertaining. So Walter and Sunil have bonded over scary movies. Katt was here too. She watched the movie with the boys while Trix and I sat in the living room quilting. I'm so old.

Thank you all for subscribing to the blog and reading. It makes me feel better to know that so many people are paying attention to Sunil. I just hope he knows how truly loved he is.

ANYTHING for a laugh

I wasn't going to post these pics because I thought it would be in poor taste. You see, I like to have a good time. I enjoy laughing. It makes me feel better to be a goof. Now more than ever I find joy in funny crap. 1. Eddie Izzard (hilarious comedian) 2. Epic fails on Youtube. 3. Being a complete idiot to the enjoyment of others around me.

So keeping all that in mind, I hope you enjoy these pics and keep them in context of me trying to keep a light-hearted environment. Sunil and I thrive on laughter. Our relationship was built and stays strong on the fact that we can make eachother laugh.

Not to mention. These freakin' diapers are HUGE. Sunil will never fit into these. So I felt justified in making fun. Just to set the record straight. Sunil doesn't need these either. They were supplies sent just in case. :) My man needs no diaper.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trixie met a Beagle friend at the Dog Park!

His name is Jack, and it was super cute to see two beagles running around together. Jack was the "king of the ball" so they would both run after the ball and Trixie would "protect" Jack and be his wing man as he ran the ball back to his owner. It was super cute and I took a video because I'm one of those obnoxious dog owners that can't get enough pics and videos. :)

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rest and Katt

Sunil and I have had a quiet week. We have our friend Kat staying with us. She is fantastic and is a great help, she isn't here much as she is working on the show "Rock of Ages" on Broadway. We love her and love that she brings us home treats for a our sweet tooth. Sunil's hand is still numb and he can't really do much with it these days, his arm can still move though so that is a help as he can still "hug up" to get himself lifted out of bed. We've been getting up once a day. It has been so nice that we've went for a few walks around the block. Trying to give him some Vitamin D, the sun can be so healing in small doses.

Anna found a place to hide...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Left Arm is weak...

As Sonali just texted me, "but we knew it was coming, I guess." This quote is her reaction to me texting her that Sunil's left hand is tingly and isn't working anymore. He can open and close it but that is about it. I have mixed feelings. Part of me, that was is praying for a miracle, is heartbroken. The other part of me is just holding my breath to see how Sunil is going to react, so far, there hasn't been much emotion involved with this discovery.

Last week we had a volunteer come by the apartment from Calvary to pray for us. She said that she was praying all day just to "hear" if there was anything that God wanted her to tell us. She said what kept coming back to her was for us to trust God. It was a powerful message for me because I am completely out of control of this situation and there isn't anything left to do but trust. So I have to trust. I have to trust when I see Sunil's eye's clouding over. I have to trust when his hand stops working. I have to trust when he wakes up and talks to me about how he had to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I'm trying really hard to trust. Trust that watching Sunil die is going to be okay. Sigh.

He is still Sunil. Making jokes, loving food. He is eating a goat cheese and beet salad with honey-glazed walnuts and toasted pitas as I type this. My recipe :) Yummy.

We went outside today! Marlon and Amanda came up to visit and we all took the dog down to play in the patio and let Sunil get fresh air.

We also have a new aid who is amazing. We miss Alex and will welcome him back if he can come back, but after 4 aids since Alex we finally have Thomas! He is an amazing gentleman. Very sweet and very good at his job. In this pic he is giving Marlon and Sunil a ride on Sunil's wheelchair. Marlon's hair is blowing in Sunil's face hence the pirate eye. :)

Love you all!!!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Visitors and visitors and visitors...

From left: Jim, Sunil, Donald, Paul and Dale
This was from the impromptu party we accidently had two weekends ago.

Hello All!
It has been a while since we last posted, well, because life happens tooo fast!! We have had lots of people coming over to hang out and do life with us. We absolutely love the love we are getting from everyone.

Sunil doesn't get out of bed much these days,
his body is having a tough time regulating his blood pressure so he gets light headed and feels like passing out when we sit him up with his feet down. We were FINALLY able to get an adjustable bed so I think that will help to keep him a bit more regulated. We have had the morning to ourself today, it is nice after a weekend with a full house of people. His parents came in for a long weekend, Nate was in town, and Amanda and Marlon came up for a visit yesterday. Plus we had a visit on Friday from old family friend's The Neelys.

The Neelys and Rajans

Marlon, Trix and Sonali