Saturday, February 06, 2010

Weekend with the Indian Parents

It was a pretty uneventful pleasant visit. Trixie and her Thatha (Grandpa) bonded over a lot of long walks, I slept in with Sunil and Ma cooked! In fact, I think we need to pitch a new show for Food Network. It should be called 'Leftover Magic with Pati (Grandma).' She looked in the fridge and saw what we had from former guests and cooked amazing food!
It was her birthday on Thursday and in honor of her Birthday I went out and celebrated for her. :) I had, on her behalf, 3 drinks and 2 glasses of wine. OH, and I danced for her too :) Actually, a friend and colleague is leaving our company and I met some peeps from work to wish him good luck. Also, I met two fantastic ladies for a late dinner at a wonderful vegan restaurant. I was a little skeptical about eating vegan but this place was lovely! Thanks for the invite Rebecca and Judi!

I finally dug out the battery charger for my camera and downloaded the pics. Turns out, it was from when we first moved in to the new apartment. So I will leave you with the chaos that was.

Bonding? Or getting ready to throw down??

Why won't the cats play with me?

Marlon and Madison doing experiments

Our amazing friend who came to help us out the day we moved. Thank you Erin, Walter and Dale!

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