Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update - Sunil is doing better

Thank you for all your prayers. It seems Sunil is doing better. He is still really sore and can't get out of bed but he is showing signs of improvement. I feel like he took a turn for the better after I gave him his Decadron this morning. When Alex, his aid, came we tried to help Sunil sit up. He was still too sore so Alex shaved him, bathed him and made sure he stayed hydrated while in bed.

We are so blessed to have Alex. Although our communication is a bit faulty sometimes as I am from Minnesota and Alex is from Nigeria. Why would being from Minnesota matter you ask? Because the most exposure I received with accents were from the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. We don't get many foreign tongues in Mounds View. I was afraid when I started teaching at North High School in Minneapolis because the kids would have an urban accent and I wouldn't be able to understand them! Pathetic you might say. And I agree. I thought that marrying someone with Indian parents would help me to "hear" English with an accent better. It did to a certain extent once Sunil explained to me that it is all about what Syllable the emphasis is placed on. When you speak a different language other than English first, you may be saying a word with the emphasis on a the first Syllable instead of the last. For instance, we, as ignorant Americans, would say "bas MAT I" rice. In actuality it should be pronounced "BAS mati" Rice. Get it? Well I get it, doesn't mean I understand a damn word people are saying sometimes! :)

Back to my point, Alex is a sweet, caring Nigerian man who tries so hard to help. And I was sooooo tired from last night that he truly helped just by taking care of Sunil for 4 hours. phew. I may not understand everything he says, but I know he says it with love! :)

Sunil is napping now, we watched an episode of big love and ate pasta. I'm blogging an update so ya'll aren't worrying. Please keep praying. It's helping! I promise!!


vidyut said...

Our prayers continue...along with lots of love and hugs!

JoAnn Venhuizen said...

you are amazing. sunil is amazing. you both are jems in the sight of God...and the battle WILL BE WON. as tears enter and exit my eyes all i can find to say is that Gods way and His love are a mystery, sometimes a frustrating one,but I am so thankful that you are unwilling to give up on HIM.