Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday and such...

From the left: Sonali, Amanda (Marlon's Mom), Me, Trixie, Marlon and Sunil

Sunil and I have been alone with the animals since Saturday. I have to tell you that I love people, I love family and I love the alone time we get too! I miss Thatha taking the dog for very long walks and Sonali and Ma and whoever else is here to help cooking. But I love the peaceful mornings of coffee and magazine reading without having to talk to anyone. My favorite moment has been "family unit" all trying to fit on the bed as I pray that Cody and Trixie don't scrap on our heads! :) Trixie is getting cabin fever so I'm going to take her for a walk when our aid Alex gets here...

Alex is very sweet. He is an older man from Nigeria. So nice, but Trixie is scared to death of him. I think she was hurt by a tall black man. That is the only thing I can think of because her fear is unwarranted as all Alex has done is smile and be nice to her. I have to kennel her up and put a blanket over her kennel to keep her from barking while he is here. It's crazy. We work a little bit everyday with treats to get her to trust him, but she is really frightened. What did those bastards do to her!?

Sunil was awake and sitting up most of the weekend he sat on the couch so when he got tired he could lay down. I didn't give him his pain meds unless he asked for it, which he didn't for most of the weekend. Calvary and most Palliative care people would say to keep them on a steady dose of narcotics to make them "comfortable" for the remaining time they have left. I'm struggling with that a bit as all it makes Sunil do is sleep. I think to myself, if he knew, would he want to sleep his remaining minutes on earth away, or would he want to be awake and embracing the last experiences of his life? Well, he was doing well Sat and Sun but Monday came and he was tired and sore. His muscles in his upper-body are really hurting. I had to resort to giving him his narcotics. I'm not giving up in trying to keep him less narced-up, but I also don't want him to be in any pain. This is a constant learning experience for me right now.

We have a shiatsu masseuse coming to work on us both, so hopefully that can help loosen up and lessen Sunil's muscle pain. I can't wait!

Jayashree Athai came to visit two weekends ago and has sent some pics from her visit so I wanted to share with you all.

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