Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tough Nights

Sunil has been experiencing some really uncomfortable nights the past two nights. He can't sleep and is uncomfortable. He tries tearing his clothes, tubes, bracelets, blankets off of him because he feels "Twisted." It doesn't help that he can't roll to get comfortable like we can. He takes his oxycontin, Ambien and Neurontin and still can't sleep. So strange. Sonali and Ada (Nurse) thinks we should try Benadryl to make him sleepy tonight, that perhaps there is something going on in the specific brain receptors that allow Ambien to work.

Last night I just upped his dose of Oxycontin to 30MG which is what the docs said he should be taking, but he hasn't been in any pain so Sonali and I have been giving him just 20 mg at night. So he finally slept about 2AM. The problem with "narcing" him like that is that he slept in until after noon and a small seizure when we tried to sit him up for his morning breakfast sandwich. He is having a problem with his blood pressure not regulating itself. He has a lack of oxygen to his brain and it makes him panic and think he can't breath. Sonali says it is a trigger that goes off in the brain when there is lack of oxygen. Luckily we have an oxygen machine next to his bed to help him. The episode this morning tho was an actual tiny seizure, you can tell because he stops moving and his eyes roll back and get "cloudy." It didn't last very long, and he came out of it very talkative.

On a positive note, we were able to get him up to sit on the couch last night to have dinner. He was sitting for almost 5 hours.
Sunil on the couch last night! He got cold so he laid down and we covered him up. He looks so comfy I had to take a pic!

Sunil's Mom, Sundari, is flying out today. Yup, in the nasty NY weather we are having. I'm not sure how that is going to work. Hopefully she makes it!

Thanks for the prayers and for checking in to this blog.

Specific Prayer requests:
  1. For Sunil to have peace when he tries to sleep. He just keeps getting agitated and saying "somethings not right, something is not right" And all I can do is try to talk him into relaxation, which is very hard.
  2. That we get Alex back! Something happened with is "paperwork" and he is off until further notice. We want him back as he knows Sunil and is very nice.
  3. Ma lands safely and we have a good weekend.
Trixie sleeps like her poppi with her eyes a little open. CREEPY! She is on Sunil's legs in this pic. Very protective, just look at her ready to strike anyone that comes near.

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