Friday, February 26, 2010

Some fun photos

Sonali and Sunil
New York wonderland.
Sleepy puppy!

Abused kitties.

Ma in the kitchen!


Archana Iyer said...

Hi Sonali

This is Archana. Sunil is in my prayers and thoughts and I hope every day that he gets better.
I know that although we have not spent any time together despite being cousins-I would love to help you guys any way I can.
I live in NJ (not too far from the City).
My email address is
Give my regards to Jairam Mama, Sundri Mami, Mandi and Marlon.

Hopefully you are enjoying the snow day :)

Lots of love,
Archana Iyer

vidyut said...

Prayers answered! Lots of love, hugs and continued prayers....