Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi! Sonali here.

The snow is falling thick and fast, making New York City as much of a wonderland as it can be. Trixie is loving the snow that is up to her ears!

Sunil is doing better, too. He had a better night - more sleep, less tossing and turning - under the influence of Benadryl (gotta love when over the counter meds work better than fancy prescription ones). He had one of his twice-weekly acupuncture treatments today with Nick, who brings an aura of calm over the apartment at least temporarily, until someone yells "Trixie! Get your nose out of my coffee! Why are you eating the gardenia? What the heck is that in your mouth?? Drop! Drop!"

Our mom got in yesterday, despite all the snow. Yay for LaGuardia pulling through for once! She'll be here taking care of us, cooking breakfast, and playing with the dog until Sunday. Then she and our dad will both be back next Thursday for another long weekend.

Thanks for the cozy thoughts! Hope you're all snug.

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