Friday, February 19, 2010

Matt cooked Lentil Soup and Made an Awesome Salad! And Photobooth

Sunil's Cousin Priya and her husband Ryan are in town for the weekend. They came over to see Sunil. He was doing fantastic today but by the evening was too exhausted for much, so as Sunil slept and Sonali went to hang with Marlon, Matt stayed behind and cooked an amazing Lentil Soup! It turned out to be amazing, plus he put together a great salad! Thanks Brother!

I try to get people to take a funny picture on my photo booth application because it makes me really happy and we need all the happy we can get right now.
Ryan and Priya have a silly side!

Who are these fools


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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

why didnt you try photoshop no me while i was there. i am sure it would have made me look better than i do normaally...lets try it next time i come, okay! :0) love you very very much. i might only have one more week of ball...ahhh- can you say FREEDOM! i will call soon.