Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marlon, Trixie, Dessert and vomit

Cody isn't allowed on the kitchen counter. He fears me. He wouldn't dare get on the kitchen counter.
Did I mention that Trixie enjoys getting into the sink in the bathroom to drink water?

The weekend was grand. Sonali and Nate came into town on Friday and Marlon came over for two nights Saturday and Sunday. We watched a ton of Olympics, ate a ton of turkey bacon, Sonali and Marlon baked an amazing dessert that had shortbread, fudge and chocolate.
Trix loving that Marlon is sleeping over

Sunil has been in bed most the weekend. He is awake, just to sore to try to get up. We get him out of bed at least once a day, but that is very exhausting for him. He is such a trooper though! Marlon read to him on Saturday night from Fablehaven which is the book series that Sunil has been reading Marlon before bed.
Marlon on the left eating dinner and reading to Sunil who you can almost see on the right.

Katt in the kids section of Ikea
Katt and I went to Target and Ikea on Sunday and we bought some Nerf guns that shoots Nerf Darts, only the darts have a rubber plunger on the tip so they hurt when they hit you!! It was fun and chaotic, we are all running around shooting at each other with the only rule being you can't shoot someone unarmed. Well, needless to say, it is only fun until someone gets their eye shot out. And of course, the one person that gets their eye shot out is the unarmed man laying in bed. Yup, Nate shot a dart intended to hit me and it sailed past me in matrix-style slow motion only to hit Sunil right in the OPEN eye. Booooo for Uncle Nate! :) SO we stopped shooting each other and opted for aiming for inanimate objects. Safer that way. By the end of the night we all had little round welts where the little plunger hit us!

Sonali Athai and Marlon giving each other Manicures

Gotta keep those pores clean!

We received flowers yesterday from our friends Emma and Linus. We adore this family! They have an almost three year old named Lola who is a doll. Emma was the one that got me into the company I work for now. She is a talented actor and now runs her own urban gardening business and is extremely talented at that as well. We love that her husband's name is Sunil spelled backwards, and vice versa. :) Thank you Lam family for sending some love!
Flowers from the Lams

Last night I took Nate to the airport, I dropped Marlon and Amanda off at the same time so we took Trixie with us. Trix has a small, ok, large fear of car rides. I think she equates cars with vet appointments, leg casts and foster homes. She gets super nervous that we are taking her somewhere bad. When I took her to drop my Mom off at the airport in January she vomited in the back seat (Trixie, not my mom). Last night Trix was doing fantastic... until we dropped Marlon and Amanda off and then she PUKED! All over the back seat! This is the only dog I know that is afraid to ride in the car. I have to find a place to clean my car now as I'm pretty sure I can't get it clean by myself. GRRRRRR. The lesson is, I'm not taking her in the car anymore, no matter how bad she wants to come with us when we leave the house!
Marlon and trixie cuddling before M had to leave

We received an amazing present in the mail today. My friend Nicki lives in Oklahoma and works for a church as a worship leader as she is an amazing singer! Word got to her about what we are going through and she had the prayer quilt ministry pray and make a quilt for Sunil. It is beautiful and so amazing to think that these women and maybe men? ;) prayed for us as they were quilting this great looking quilt! We are so honored. Sunil is napping underneath it as I type.
Prayer Quilt


JoAnn Venhuizen said...

love your humor, love for energy for life, and love that you love sunil with all your heart. the quilt is pretty fraeking awesome....peeps being Jesus in the flesh- gotta love that, right?

Becky said...

That quilt is beautiful! We are all thinking of you and praying in snowy MI. As hard as it is to commit words to the screen, those of us reading out here appreciate your take on reality, and we love you for it!!!

nickiskenzich said...

Hey Mandi...about the quilt, something I didn't mention is that the quilting ladies do up the quilt but leave the knots undone. We then put it out during our services on Sunday morning and people tie a knot as they pray. Each knot is a prayer :)

Bill Faler said...

Tell Sunil hello from Bill Faler. We're old friends from Ann Arbor. He used to do sound for my band Philo Beddow. When Sunil was our sound man, we never sounded better.

I just wanted to say hello, and say my thoughts and prayers are with him. He has a beautiful family!

Melodie said...

Mandi, Sunil and Sonali grew up just across from our house in Okemos, Michigan. Sunil and my son Chris were very good friends. Please tell him we are all thinking of him, and of you all. Love, Melodie Lee.