Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 hour 'cliff's notes tour of Time Square and Herald Square

Matt lovin' on the NYPD building. Do you see the stupid lady ducking under the picture. Dummy

So despite everything that tells me not to leave the house, I decided I would take a couple hours and show my bro Time Square. I enjoyed that Matt saw what he wanted to see and moved on.
  1. We went to Time Square got "I 'heart' NY shirts.
  2. Ran to the bank, 'cept it was closed, damn Actors Credit Union
  3. Took some pics
  4. Got a dirty water dog from a street vendor
  5. Went into Macy's to show Matt the wooden escalators (Just a way for me to warm up because I was freezing.)
  6. Walked to Madison Square Garden and took the A train
  7. Got a New York Slice from the Pizza place on 145th
  8. Stopped at H&M so I could buy a hat, as mentioned above, I was freezing
  9. Home...Done
Time Square

Did I mention we left the house at 4:50PM and got back at 7:00PM. Record Time! In honor of the Olympics I would have to say that Matt and I won the "Site Seeing Race"

The biggest bottle of Brut we have ever seen. Look at that thing!

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