Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunil is Home!!!!

Sunil was discharged on Tuesday. It was great and scary at the same time. We have been getting by. It's been a week of laughs, screams, cries, yells, and yawns! I'm helping Sunil transfer in and out of bed. His wheelchair does not recline so he can't really stay in it for very long which means in and out of bed ALL DAY LONG. We haven't received a call from the Barrier Free lady at Rusk which really frustrates me! I've left two messages. She is the one that can come in to our apartment and see what type of commode/tub chair would work best. I'm just going to order one and submit it to my insurance later. Right now we aren't able to get him in the tub or shower so we are sponge bathing and that sucks.

The Visiting Nurse has started to come in, the Physical Therapist started on Friday and he is amazing!

We have a whole week of appointments coming up. We absolutely couldn't stand the Ambulette service we used to get home from the hospital. They were an hour late, and had another person to drop off before us, AND took us to the wrong building AND took forever to get home. Not to mention Sunil got car sick from sitting sideways in his chair in the back of the van. SO, we are going to attempt to transfer him from his chair to the Rav4.

Sunil has been using his abs for everything and they are really sore. He hurts when he sits up and moves. Which he does all day! :) So, please pray that the muscles will continue to get strong without the pain! Also, his incision scar hasn't completely healed yet. The Chemo and the location of the scar is inhibiting it from really healing. Please pray that it closes up!

I leave you with some pics of Sunil's first week home...

Sunil being stupid and closing his eyes for the picture! :) Love it!

Cody can finally rest now that poppi is home

Below is Trixie napping with Sunil

BFFs???? Or Frienemies?

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vidyut said...

Love the pics...thanks!
Praying real hard, as my thoughts are with you every day!!