Monday, January 04, 2010

Sunil has his reflexes back in his feet! He still can't feel anything but his feet are definitely reacting to reflex tests. I'm not sure what that means, but to me, I think its fantastic!

I'm going in this week to train with OT and PT to get ready for Sunil to be paroled :) He should be getting out of the clink next Tuesday or Wednesday. At least, that is what we are all shooting for.

We will be meeting with Dr Yamada the day after he gets out of Rusk to begin the set up for radiation to his spine. Gross but needed.

So we have really created two monsters in Sunil and Marlon. When we opened up Christmas gifts we all thought it was hilarious if we shut our eyes for the pictures. So we did (refer back to the link in the blog if you want to see). It was a big joke and now Sunil and Marlon can't stop doing it! :) Hilarious right??? Annoying? Maybe... This is Marlon, Sunil and Vidyut Pachi.

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