Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in the hospital!

In and out of the hospital. I think Sunil and I are going to write a book on the differences of the NYC hospital system as I believe we may be one of the lucky few to frequent three hospital in one month. Sunil went in to have his spinal MRI last night and we stopped by the urgent care clinic because it looked like he had a UTI. They took blood and urine and found that his Sodium was extremely low and his platelets were low. So they admitted him last night. Today they said his CT scan showed bleeding in the ventriculs of his brain and now I guess we wait and see if the platelets will rise and his sodium will rise.

I dunno. I'm just here. trying to get a grip. trying to see what the frick is happening. trying to understand why it took 5 days to get a cbc when lassman new that he was getting a ton of infusions in rusk. Is someone dropping the ball and why can't they just catch the damn proverbial ball before I shove it up their proverbial A-holes!

K, I'm done...feel a little better.

I'll keep ya'll in the loop.

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