Thursday, December 31, 2009

Praise God! The Doctor ordered a private room for Sunil

My friend Joann and I had a heart to heart about God and how my faith is going through a huge test because of what Sunil is going through. I told her that I felt that miracles happened when Jesus walked this earth but does not happen in our time. Since we had that talk the following amazing things have happened.

1. Sunil's bladder began working all by itself, which is a good sign.
2. We got a private room!!! Yup I said it, A PRIVATE ROOM. This room is like a hotel room, fit for the whole family to comfortably rest and visit. The doctor said that if someone requests a private room then we would have to move again. But I have faith, that Sunil will stay here.

Since Sunil first got here on December 11th he had been freezing. His room was cold, the shower room was even colder and he was shaking all the time. He was sleeping in his winter hat. I just kept getting more and more angry. We would ask the nurses and they would try their hardest to get the engineers to warm up the room and nothing would work. I finally called patient advocacy and emailed the social worker, both of which were amazing. I found out today that he is in the private room. The vibe in here is SOOO much better. I really don't know what I will do if we have to move out of here. Did I mention that he has his own shower that is extremely warm?!!!!

All I have to say about this is PRAISE GOD!!!

Thank you all for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for this room to stay Sunil's. It will be soooo much better for his healing. Our friend Walter came to watch a zombie movie with Sunil and he mentioned that Sunil is looking a lot stronger in his upper-body. Please pray that Sunil continues to get strong. And, this is something that has been pushed aside because of rehab, but he will need to start radiation of the spine and continue his chemo to keep the tumor from growing and spreading. Please pray that he would be healed of this bastard tumor once and for all.

Peace and a happy new year. Here is looking at 2010!

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