Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunil's friend Chris came and helped! IT WAS AWESOME!

Chris H came this week to help us out and it was amazing. He cooked, he cleaned, he took Sunil to the doctors. OH, and he packed up our books (we have a lot)!!! I'm soooo very thankful for him coming out to help. I'm also very thankful that his wife Nicola went a week without him so that we could benefit! Thank you to you both!!!!!

The house is full of boxes, Marlon is packing up her room, I'm packing up the livingroom and our room. Together I think we will have this place ready to move by the 30th! Good Grief.

Here are the highlights of Chris's visit.
Chris and Marlon making slime last Sunday with Marlon's Slime kit she got from her Aunt Sonali.

Chris doing the dishes!!!!

Highlights of the week.
Playing facebook games (Happy Aquarium)
Looking through Sunil's stuff having the boys reminisce
Mandi working a full week
Chris enjoying the Skymall catalog we got in the mail
Chris cooking dinner
Chris doing dishes
Chris packing our boxes
Me learning how to pronounce Antigone
Chris and Sunil spending time bonding while waiting FOREVER for Sunil's treatment
Quality time in traffic on the FDR (Sunil and Chris)
Anna lovin' on Chris. Don't worry Nicola, Anna is our cat.
The scavenger hunt for the missing Washer parts. They have disappeared! We are selling our washer and I can't find the manual or any of the extra bits. Grrrr where can it be????

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