Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunil's friend Chris came and helped! IT WAS AWESOME!

Chris H came this week to help us out and it was amazing. He cooked, he cleaned, he took Sunil to the doctors. OH, and he packed up our books (we have a lot)!!! I'm soooo very thankful for him coming out to help. I'm also very thankful that his wife Nicola went a week without him so that we could benefit! Thank you to you both!!!!!

The house is full of boxes, Marlon is packing up her room, I'm packing up the livingroom and our room. Together I think we will have this place ready to move by the 30th! Good Grief.

Here are the highlights of Chris's visit.
Chris and Marlon making slime last Sunday with Marlon's Slime kit she got from her Aunt Sonali.

Chris doing the dishes!!!!

Highlights of the week.
Playing facebook games (Happy Aquarium)
Looking through Sunil's stuff having the boys reminisce
Mandi working a full week
Chris enjoying the Skymall catalog we got in the mail
Chris cooking dinner
Chris doing dishes
Chris packing our boxes
Me learning how to pronounce Antigone
Chris and Sunil spending time bonding while waiting FOREVER for Sunil's treatment
Quality time in traffic on the FDR (Sunil and Chris)
Anna lovin' on Chris. Don't worry Nicola, Anna is our cat.
The scavenger hunt for the missing Washer parts. They have disappeared! We are selling our washer and I can't find the manual or any of the extra bits. Grrrr where can it be????

Saturday, November 14, 2009


WE GOT THE APARMTENT!!!!! OK, now I'm freakin' out a little as December 1 we are out! Holy cow! We didn't get the one that had the patio, which was fine because the one we got was cheaper! It still has a huge patio.

So now, we pack and try to arrange lovely friends to come and help up move!!!! Anybody, anybody? :)

I'm sad to leave our home for 3 years. I'm sad to leave our roofdeck and our awesome little building with great people and a VERY understanding landlord. But this new place is going to be fantastic. Change is scary and good!!!

I gotta go pack!

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Apartment Opportunity

It's not for sale, but a rental. It's brand new 2 bedroom, 2 full bath with a patio. The master bathroom has a soaking tub with a separate shower and HEATED floors. It's $300 more than we pay now. boo. Our budget, when I'm working and not home taking care of sunil, can just squeak by to afford it. Now, since I'm not working and I don't get paid when I'm taking care of Sunil, we will not be able to afford it.

I'm wondering, since a soaking tub and heated bathroom floors are for Sunil's healing, if the health insurance can pay for part of our rent :). Wishful thinking.

Please pray about this apartment for us. It would mean we don't have to help the landlord and do garbage, cleaning, and filing. It would mean Sunil could soak his achy body. It would mean I could get Sunil a Beagle. He's wanted a beagle forever and we haven't had an apartment suitable for a dog. It would mean I could soak my stressy bones. It would mean we have an elevator so Sunil would have to climb two flights of stairs. It would mean that our bedroom would be big enough for me to be able to actually walk around to my side of the bed instead of having to climb over to it. It would mean that we wouldn't have to walk up the hill to get to home from the train. We would be closer to the train. It would mean walking by a grocery store to get home. It would mean better parking because we wouldn't be by the college. It would mean a decent storage closet for our bikes. It would mean a REAL kitchen with counter space and cupboard space with a dishwasher. It would mean climate control in each room so Sunil can have it as warm as he needs it and Marlon could have her room as cool as she likes it. Did I mention the dishwasher???

Please pray. I will let ya'll know how Sunil's appointment with his doctor goes today. Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

OK Platelets, come back already!

Sunil spent another day in the Day Hospital for a Platelet infusion because his platelets were down to 21,000 and his stupid gums were bleeding. At least the gums don't hurt, they just seep blood. Gross.

Marlon has been asking to have our friends Donald and Paulie over for dinner for weeks now, and I think it is finally happening tonight. They have two cute dogs that we love to have over just to scare the cats and provide hours of entertainment with their amazing tricks.

Not much else happening here. Sunil and I are seeing if we have a shot at getting a mortgage to hopefully buy an apartment. New York City has a bunch of buildings that the city bought in the 70's and 80's and turned into low-income co-ops. You can't make over a certain amount of money to be able to qualify. Which, we don't. :) If we could buy something that is cheaper than our rent ($2200 a month) than I think we will go for it. Although we have an amazing roofdeck, we would like to have a real kitchen. Our current kitchen is small and only one person can fit in it at a time. Not really good to cook big dinners in. I've managed for the last 3 years, but Sunil HATES our kitchen. He's since stopped cooking and that makes me sad because he is a great cook!

Nothing else much going on. I think that Sunil's friend Chris may be coming out in a couple weeks to hang out. Then my friend Jamie and her daughter Madison come out the first weekend in Dec. THEN Sunil's folks and sister and brother-in-law are coming the weekend after that. THEN Anitha (Sunil's cousin) is coming out to help us out. We are so blessed by everyone who has rallied around to help us!!

It dawned on me, since we aren't making two full incomes anymore that our spending needs to decrease, common sense right? Well, I'm wondering if any of ya'll have anything in the following list that you would be willing to donate to us? :) A way of cleaning out your stuff and helping us at the same time. Hopefully if this works, the shipping would be the only thing that would incur an expense.

Current wants/needs :)

1. Small Television preferably flat.
We don't have a lot of space in our bedroom, but since sunil is laying down a lot these days, it would be nice to get him a tv in our room. small, 15-25 inch.

2. A small writing desk.
I have been working from home a lot (thanks to my amazing boss and work!) and I don't have a proper desk to put my Computer on. I've since had to move it on to our kitchen table to keep my back from KILLING ME! grrrr for bad backs. It would be nice to have something small, no bigger than 20inches deep to be able to fit in the corner of our apt.

That is it for now. Love you all.