Thursday, October 29, 2009


When we woke up in the morning his gums on the right upper part of his mouth was bleeding. We didn't think anything of it because his gums have been bleeding a lot lately. Except this time they didn't stop. So...

Sunil went to the routine doctor's appointment to make sure the pain meds that he was on were the correct kind for the pain he was having. While we were there we told Mary the Nurse Practitioner that his gums were bleeding. She sent us to the labs straight away and for a Platelet count in fear his platelets were too low to stop the bleeding.

Her fear was correct. His platelet wasn't extremely low, but since he had bleeding a platelet transfusion was necessary. That sounds scary but it was really uneventful. They took some of Sunil's blood found out what type he is, sent for some platelets and up came a bag that I so observantly started calling "scab juice." Did you know that Platelets are red??? I did not know that. Sunil called it a big ol' bag of deep frier oil. Yup, that is what platelets look like.

So, the moral of the story is...PLEASE GIVE PLATELETS...I'm gunna hook the hospital up with some of mine the next time we have a doctors appointment.

Sunil is fine. The bleeding gums stopped almost instantly. It was funny because all day him and I were making jokes and having fun trying to kill time at the hospital and every time he smiled he looked like a bloody psycho killer with all of his teeth cover in blood! How fitting for halloween.

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