Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Muppet

Sunil is doing well! This round of PCV is almost done, he has one more Vincristine shot, but the Procarbozine is done for this round and you can see a HUGE improvement in Sunil's energy level. He has a Physical Therapist coming to do exercises with him so he can stay strong.

I love him so much and he is such a trooper. We still laugh and seem to find fun in everyday things. I can't wait until he is healed and we can get back to our active selves. Well, not active so much, we never really were hikers and bikers, but at least we will be able to walk places again :)

I wanted to share this picture. Sunil was cold in the doctors office so I gave him my vest. He then began to "model" it and pose for pictures. SO HILARIOUS!

Thank you so much for following the blog. A lot of people have been asking what they can do to help. And I hate to sound like National Public Radio during a pledge drive, but, we need finances! :) I'm able to stay home with Sunil as my work is amazing, but I don't have any vacation days so if I stay home, I don't get paid. If you are far away and would like to help, any little bit you can send us will be amazingly helpful. There is a donate button set up on this blog and also on Sunil's website. We are going to send 5% of everything we are gifted to the American Brain Tumor Association because they are funding research to help Sunil and others. We need that.

Yesterday Marlon had her annual Halloween Parade at school.
She is Animal from The Muppet Show!!

Oh, and Cody Says Hi.

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