Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Muppet

Sunil is doing well! This round of PCV is almost done, he has one more Vincristine shot, but the Procarbozine is done for this round and you can see a HUGE improvement in Sunil's energy level. He has a Physical Therapist coming to do exercises with him so he can stay strong.

I love him so much and he is such a trooper. We still laugh and seem to find fun in everyday things. I can't wait until he is healed and we can get back to our active selves. Well, not active so much, we never really were hikers and bikers, but at least we will be able to walk places again :)

I wanted to share this picture. Sunil was cold in the doctors office so I gave him my vest. He then began to "model" it and pose for pictures. SO HILARIOUS!

Thank you so much for following the blog. A lot of people have been asking what they can do to help. And I hate to sound like National Public Radio during a pledge drive, but, we need finances! :) I'm able to stay home with Sunil as my work is amazing, but I don't have any vacation days so if I stay home, I don't get paid. If you are far away and would like to help, any little bit you can send us will be amazingly helpful. There is a donate button set up on this blog and also on Sunil's website. We are going to send 5% of everything we are gifted to the American Brain Tumor Association because they are funding research to help Sunil and others. We need that.

Yesterday Marlon had her annual Halloween Parade at school.
She is Animal from The Muppet Show!!

Oh, and Cody Says Hi.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


When we woke up in the morning his gums on the right upper part of his mouth was bleeding. We didn't think anything of it because his gums have been bleeding a lot lately. Except this time they didn't stop. So...

Sunil went to the routine doctor's appointment to make sure the pain meds that he was on were the correct kind for the pain he was having. While we were there we told Mary the Nurse Practitioner that his gums were bleeding. She sent us to the labs straight away and for a Platelet count in fear his platelets were too low to stop the bleeding.

Her fear was correct. His platelet wasn't extremely low, but since he had bleeding a platelet transfusion was necessary. That sounds scary but it was really uneventful. They took some of Sunil's blood found out what type he is, sent for some platelets and up came a bag that I so observantly started calling "scab juice." Did you know that Platelets are red??? I did not know that. Sunil called it a big ol' bag of deep frier oil. Yup, that is what platelets look like.

So, the moral of the story is...PLEASE GIVE PLATELETS...I'm gunna hook the hospital up with some of mine the next time we have a doctors appointment.

Sunil is fine. The bleeding gums stopped almost instantly. It was funny because all day him and I were making jokes and having fun trying to kill time at the hospital and every time he smiled he looked like a bloody psycho killer with all of his teeth cover in blood! How fitting for halloween.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pictures from Michigan

Thought ya'll would enjoy some pictures. It's not all doom and gloom here at the Rajan apartment. We still find some strength to laugh, make jokes, and enjoy every second together. Thank you all for your support. We truly don't know what we would do without your prayers and encouraging words.

Marlon and Poppimom loving on eachother.

Anu and Anita (Sunil and Sonali's cousins) This became a MISSION to get a picture with both of these ladies smiling. They just wouldn't do it! But Alas we succeeded. I think this should be their new facebook profile pic! :)

50 pounds of pumpkin that Sonali, Nate and Marlon picked ALL BY THEMSELVES!

Hard at work!

And this is the fruit of our labor. It is hard to see, but the second one from the left is actually puking its guts out. Courtesy of Marlon. :)

Thatha fell asleep and Marlon thought his toes could use some hearts and happy faces:)

Below is the Twister Montage...

Marlon brought Twister and made EVERYONE play it. The only ones that were exempt, I think, were Poppimom and Sunil.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nano-bio Material Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells In Unharmed

Nano-bio Material Kills Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells In Unharmed

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Sunil undergoing Avastin and PCV

Sunil has started to undergo an intensive treatment with both PCV and Avastin. It seems the tumor is growing more resistant and aggressive and Dr. Lassman wants to give it all they can to try to slow it down. Sunil's memory is starting to be effected and he is really worn down. It's getting hard for him to focus and he has lost 20 lbs. Marlon and I are a wreck. We are super worried about him. We are all trying to stay positive and are praying that the treatment will work. It is getting tougher for me to work. I think I may need to take a leave of absence to make sure he is taken care of. Also, I feel like I need the leave of absence for my own mental health.

We were able to go visit "Poppimom and Thatha" in Michigan last weekend. It was a good trip. Sunil spent most of it in pain and sleeping. poor thing. Anu and Anita, Sunil's cousins, were in town. Anu from Singapore and Anita from Washington D.C. They are lovely people and I'm so glad to get to know them and hang out with them. Anu is so sweet and a very smart doctor. Anita is HILARIOUS with her under-toned humor and dry wit she is too smart for her own good! :) We seemed to be able to laugh and have fun despite Sunil's condition.

I love my husband so much and would do anything to prevent him from having to go through this. In an effort to help, when there is nothing really we can do but pray and love, I've started a website to help raise money for Sunil. He worries all the time about not being able to work. I know there are a lot of you out there that would love to help but are too far away to come physically, so I've starting and have posted a way for you to donate through It's perfectly safe, just donate to Sunil's email address It would mean a lot to us, and it will help us too. I don't think I am going to get paid if I take a leave of absence so every penny is going to count. Plus, since we feel strongly about giving back, we will be donating 5% of the proceeds to the American Brain Tumor Association.

I am praying that the next post will have a more positive message. Right now, it is battle time. It is fight for your life time. Sunil and I want nothing more than to grow old together, so please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you.