Sunday, August 30, 2009

Planes, Trains, Autos, roller coasters and beaches

The title pretty much sums up our recent trip to Williamsburg, VA. We took an Amtrak train to Williamsburg with Marlon and my sis Dayna. It was a LONG train ride. But we made it, and spent all day Monday at Water World USA, All day Tuesday at Busch Gardens and a few hours on Wednesday at Colonial Williamsburg. Which we all agree, sucked because it was tooooooo HOT AND HUMID to enjoy the history. I think out of all three, Water World USA was our favorite. It was 100 Degrees that day so I'm sure it would have sucked to do anything else.

The girls got babybel cheese and used the wax to mold funny noses.

Sunil and I on the train.

The union station in Washington DC.

All of us having fun at Busch Gardens "Land of the Dragons. I made the girls take a picture by the sign. Look at how mortified they are, its sooo freakin' funny! :)

The girls swimming before we went to Colonial Williamsburg.

AHHHHH The way things used to be...hats, gallows and no air conditioning. We all discovered very quickly that we prefer the way things are in the present day. No offense Williamsburg but we'll pass on the colonial part. :)