Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fire Island!!! Beach and Baby!

Our dear friends, The Copleys, hosted a weekend on Fire Island for a few of their friends. It was great fun with great people, great food, great weather and great sunburn!!! I'm such a beach amateur! I didn't get the sunscreen on all my white parts so those parts turned BRIGHT red. GRRR, you would think after 32 years I would know better. Despite that, we had a blast. Baby Tate Copley was a big hit. Marlon and Tate became great friends. It seems Marlon has a flare for babysitting! Here are some pictures.

The Rajan's entertaining Tate

Mandi introducing sand to Tate. She was loving it! Tate's momma Michelle was freaking out just waiting for her to stick in in her mouth or rub it in her eyes! :) I'm such a trouble maker. :)

I'm not sure what is happening here, but that punim is priceless!

Fire Island is a fabo place. There are no cars allowed. You walk or you bike. It is beautiful and had dear everywhere! They just walk right up to you! We have pictures but they are still in my camera. I'll get them out soon, I hope.

Here are some shots taken on the ferry ride over on Friday night. It was cold and foggy and we were freezing!

Marlon the babysitter!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Maizy and Marlon!

Marlon and Maizy had some cuddle time today! Marlon noticed that Maizy is getting ready to shed her skin because she is getting darker looking skin and her belly is very dull.

Maizy thought she was getting away from us by "hiding" in Marlon's hair.

After play time with Marlon Maizy was really thirsty.

Maizy is scoping out her fresh water.

Maizy Necklace!!!