Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oligo is SHRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunil went to the doctor and found out that the PCV is working and the tumor cells are shrinking! WAHOOO. Thank you for all your continued prayers, God is good! Sunil started his second round of treatment which will go for another 8 weeks. Right now he has Influenza A! EECK! The doctor has told him to stay home for 5 days and rest, not work. He is going to the pharmacy to get tamiflu and he is still going to take his chemo meds. Please continue to pray that he heals so he can continue fighting this bastard tumor.

I will post pictures soon, promise. We have been super busy. I'm trying work full-time and be a caregiver. Sunil is trying to work part-time and be a chemo patient. On weekends we are trying to be upbeat parents with lots of energy to keep up with Marlon. It seems we are being pulled in many different directions.

Love you all!!!

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