Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maizy the corn snake

The class needed some one to look after maizy for the month of July.3 people wanted to take her that month,so our teacher[Danielle] pulled out a name from a hat. and i was the name!!!here are some pics of maizy.

maizy is eating a mouse.she eats two mice every time she eats!!she eats every 7-10 days.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 treatments down!

Sunil just had the last vincristine push of his second session of PCV meaning now we wait until July and he gets another MRI to show how much the tumor has shrunk. He's doing ok, tired and achey. We found out at the last doctors appt that his oncologist Dr. Abrey is going to be moving to Switzerland! We are sad to see her go as she has been Sunil's doctor since we moved back to New York in 2004. She has been amazing and very involved in Sunil's care. We took a picture with her and just want to thank her for all she has done for Sunil!! Thank you Dr Abrey!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunil's B-Day May 1st! First BBQ of the Year!

Sunil's 35th B-Day Cake!

this is Donald's feet playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Too much Dance Dance Revolution so Paulie is taking a nap.

Roof Deck!!!!

Easter Pictures!

Easter Egg Hunt!
Easter Egg Decorating, That is Katt on the left. We love her cuz she is crazy like us.

Oligo is SHRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunil went to the doctor and found out that the PCV is working and the tumor cells are shrinking! WAHOOO. Thank you for all your continued prayers, God is good! Sunil started his second round of treatment which will go for another 8 weeks. Right now he has Influenza A! EECK! The doctor has told him to stay home for 5 days and rest, not work. He is going to the pharmacy to get tamiflu and he is still going to take his chemo meds. Please continue to pray that he heals so he can continue fighting this bastard tumor.

I will post pictures soon, promise. We have been super busy. I'm trying work full-time and be a caregiver. Sunil is trying to work part-time and be a chemo patient. On weekends we are trying to be upbeat parents with lots of energy to keep up with Marlon. It seems we are being pulled in many different directions.

Love you all!!!