Friday, April 17, 2009

Softball Opener

It was a bit chilly but the ZAAM Softball team came out victorious beating rueters 13-3 in their season opening game!

I'm back playing with ZAAM (Zurich Alternative Asset Management) this year on field one on the east river, with views of the Williamsburg Bridge. Although playing on Turf is a whole "new ballgame" HA! get it... I was the catcher and not only do I catch, I talk schmack to the batters to throw off their game. One guy had the fancy socks on that you where when you play baseball. So I said to him as Sam pitched one in "oh, you have the fancy socks on, that must mean you can hit real good then!" in my best Minnesotan. He hit it right to first base and was out. I'd like to think it was because of my way with intimidating words! :)
This is Sam Yi, our Coach and Pitcher!
Lynn Ann is new to the team and she kicks some royal softball butt!

This is Beth, I work with her. We shared the all important catching and bench warming position. :)
This is me benchwarming!

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