Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 12 of the PCV Battle

We are entering day 12 of the battle between PCV and Oligo. I can tell you that they are ravaging their battlefield AKA Sunil's body. Despite the woozy stomach, headaches and all over body aches Sunil presses on. He is aiding PCV by drinking fresh juice consisting of but not limited to, Kale, Carrot, Apple, Orange and Grapefruit. Ginger Tea is helping with the nausea. As Oligo fights for survivial I ask the readers of this blog to pray. Pray hard for the success of PCV. Pray hard that the PCV will wipe out Oligo in 4 rounds instead of 6. Each round of treatment is 8 weeks. Sunil doesn't want to feel this way for a whole year. Pray hard people. In times of war we all have to come together and do our part. We may not be able to go into the body and physically fight with PCV but we can buy war bonds, ration our food and turn in our metal to make bombs, uh, metaphorically speaking of course.

Thank you all for your support. We will check-in with the battlefront later this week. Also, be expecting a blog on Marlon's B-Day Adventure...

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