Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunil Update

OK, so here is the best way I can explain it...

Sunil's brain tumor was dieing from the Avastin treatments he has been doing for about 6 months. So it said to itself, "Self, where can I go to survive? I'm dying in here, um, wait, what is that liquidy stuff over there? Let me go check it out." So the tumor ventured to the unknown liquid and low and behold it is a GREAT place for the tumor to survive because the Avastin can't get it in there. So as the tumor sat in the Spinal Fluid it would call out to the Avastin, taunting it with every growth of a new oligo cell.

It went something like this...

Oligo: "Na na na na na na, you can't catch me"

Avastin: "Yeah, well at least you can't live in the brain!"

Oligo: "Yeah, well I don't need to live in the brain, I'm fine living and growing in this spa-like liquid gold where I can float around at will."

Avastin: "But your a brain tumor, what are your friends gonna think when they find out you can't even live in a brain. You're gonna look pretty dumb."

Olig0: "Well, uh, Well, I uh, I'm surrounding the brain, AND I found this cool new ride that takes me down and up this long column like place, and that is awesome! My own personal roller-coaster! So There."

Avastin: "I'm just saying, you look pretty foolish out there, not being able to live in the brain as in fact, you are a brain tumor. It can't be helping your self-esteem. I mean, what a TOTAL identity crisis you must be having."

Oligo: "You shut up Avastin, you don't know me! I'm just fine out here. I don't even WANT to live in the brain ok? So I'm just gonna go explore and see where else I can go. I'm a nomad now. I don't need you OR the brain."

Avastin: "Not for long Oligo, I've called in three friends to come and evict you from your new home. Squatters aren't welcome in there. You're gonna die man."

Oligo: "Who did you get? Huh? I'm not afraid of you anymore remember!

Avastin: "Oh, I call three of my buddies, just my friends I like to call P...

Oligo: "no"

Avastin: C...

Oligo: "You wouldn't! Don't say it, man..."

Avastin: "V."

Oligo: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Not PCV!! My buddy was killed by those three! Come on man, I'm just trying to survive, you know, settle down, maybe meet another group of Oligo Cells and reproduce, start a family..."

Avastin: "Fat chance Oligo, you will not survive!!! Ha ha ha!! I have to be going now to make room for PCV, the next time I return, I suspect there will nothing left of you. So I bid you Adieu."

Oligo: "Wait, don't go, please! Don't send in the big three. I promise I'll be good. DON'T GO!!!"

As Avastin exits the brain with a small smirk on his face he listens to Oligo crying in terror. He can't help think he might miss this stubborn tumor. All the months they've spent battling, exchanging witty banter, it will all be over once PCV enters the battle. Avastin knows though, that the battle must be won. He was put on this earth to help people. People like Sunil who has been battling Oligo for nine years. For the sake of Sunil, PCV must not fail.

More to come...

Sunil is going to have a tough 48 weeks ahead as one treatment is 8 weeks and they do about 6 total. Please check back as we will be updating everyone through this as it is very hard to email each and every one of you. We appreciate the support and prayers! Sunil will beat this thing. With the help of God and the wisdom of his doctors, he will beat this thing!

If you want to learn more about PCV, just click on the title of this blog. I've linked it to an informative page that will explain what we are in for...


Allison said...

This picture is ADORABLE!!

anita said...

I haven't been reading the blog too regularly, but I just checked it and noticed this. Good luck with all the treatments, Sunil!