Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michigan February

We took our 2nd Annual trip to Michigan to visit the "Indian Family." Sunil, Marlon and myself met Sonali and Nate for the weekend at the Rajan house. It was a quick weekend. We brought our winter clothes so we could all go sledding. Sunday we met Sunil's Aunt (Dad's Sis) and her family for brunch in Lansing. It was great! Girija Athai just lost her husband Visu Uncle. He was a very sweet man, very generous and loved his family very much. He is greatly missed. It was great to spend time with Girija Athai, her son Pritum, her Daughters Priti and Priya, Priya's husband Ryan and two kids Ashuwaria and Aditya. The fun part was Asha is Marlon's age and Adit is a couple years younger so she has great cousins her age to play with!

Thatha, Marlon and Poppimom

Marlon and Uncle Nate playing the Wii. We brought the Wii we received from the Rajan's for Christmas. Always a great time when the Wii is involved.

Nate and Sunil boxing

Jairam playing Mario Cart

Pritum and Jairam playing Bowling

We finally set Sunil's Mom and Dad up with Skype. It was great! We skyped his grandfather in India! Plus we skyped his Aunt and Uncle in India! AND we skyped his Aunt in California! It brought the whole family together I was able to meet his grandfather "face to face" instead of just on the phone. We are so blessed to have this technology available. It just seems like the world is a little smaller and our loved ones aren't that far away after all.

Marlon and her Poppimom

Poppimom teaching Marlon a prayer. All I got out of it ws "om" is pretty much the same as "Amen" :)

First run down for Midnight Sledding

Midnight Sledding! Marlon wanted to go sledding the night we got into town. We said "We can't go sledding its night time" she said "Why not?" and we thought about it and said "You are right, Why Not?" So we went and it was awesome. It was snowing and the hill was perfect and there was no wind!!!

Sonali has a "snow magnet" in her head! Whenever she went down the hill, not matter where she sat on the sled, she got snow in her face! It was hilarious! I peed my pants laughing. Ok, I didn't pee...I dribbled a little bit...:)

Sunil and Ma

Priti and Girija Athai

A cousin stack! Poor Aditya on the bottom! Then its Asha and Marlon on top. They made it all the way down the hill multiple times like this!

Marlon and Asha

The cousins

We loved ourselves a sled train!

Sonali, Priya (Asha and Aditya's Mom) and Me!

Sunil and Aditya. I love that they are both missing an eye in this pic. Indian Pirates!

Another sled train

Nate hittin' the jump. Look at his face, its hilarious!

After a day of playing and sledding, we went to see the movie "Coraline" This is Asha with the 3D glasses and left over popcorn and soda. It was a great movie!

Having hot chocolate with whip cream after sledding