Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cruise to Warmness

Sunil holding Peter the monkey! Peter stole Sunil's lip balm out of his shirt pocket! :)

I'm holding Joshua and Sunil is holding Barney

Sunil and I took at 7 day cruise from Miami to Roatan, Honduras, then Belize City, Belize then Cozumel, Mexico and finally a private island in the Bahamas. It was like sleep away camp for grown-ups! I'm not sure I like the cruise experience. Don't get me wrong. Our room was nice (it had a balcony) the weather was beautiful, the places we visited were fun. The food wasn't all that its cracked up to be. We couldn't figure out if it was just because we are spoiled from living in NYC and expect our food to be a certain way? We can get practically any type of food delivered to our house, and we can go to just about any restaurant with a menu that far exceeds anything we found on the ship. So we blame the city. The city had ruined us. We spent a lot of time and money at the spa, trying to relax, except everything at the spa was so expensive we were then stressed out that we spent money and we were tense again. grrrr. I even tried my luck at bingo and the casino to win the money back that we spent on the cruise. It didn't help, just made us have to pay more money. So then we were stressed even more about how much money we spent. So the cruise ended up costing twice as much as we expected and it wasn't even that great of food. We decided the last day, when we were lounging on a hammock in the Bahamas that this was all we needed. A beach, some food, and a hammock, well, maybe a small shack in case it rains. But the cruising...We will leave that up to the old folks and the couples with obnoxious children. This just wasn't for us. Here are some pictures of our cruise. Didn't take many. We swam with a dolphin called Pacal, but we bought an underwater camera and had to get the film developed! How funny is that. Film developed. I'm picking them up tonight so I will post some of those later.
Love you all.

Sunil in Roatan with some crazy looking flowers

This is Roatan!!

Me on our private balcony!

A $9 drink! We had to pay for all our drinks! Even Soda!!! grrrrr.

Sunil on our balcony as we left port in Miami. They just parallel park these enormous ships! It's crazy.

This was on the private island that Norwegian Cruise Lines owns in the Bahamas! Funny Airport sign. It was just a heli-pad, but definitely not used anymore.

The sunset from our balcony

Taking a nap on the hammock, my favorite!!

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