Monday, December 08, 2008

Ice Skating and Tree Hunting...In that order

Last weekend we were able to have Marlon the WHOLE WEEKEND! From the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday evening. Sunil was feeling sick, so on Sunday Marlon, Paul, Angela and I went to Riverbank State Park to go Ice Skating. Riverbank State Park is the only State Park on the Island of Manhattan and is built on top of a water/sewage treatment plant. Dispite the poop, it really is an awesome little compound consisting of an ice rink, lots of soccer fields, football, softball, indoor pool, aphitheater, and playground. There are lots more stuff that I haven't explored yet. I'm getting better at Ice Skating and Marlon is kickin' some butt on skates. Angela can skate on one leg and Paulie looks like he is at a roller rink in the 80's, the man is jammin'. Here are some pics...
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Angela on One Foot

Angela trying to hold me up

Paulie jammin'

Marlon Jammin'

This weekend "Auntie Katt" who was Sunil's "Best Man" for our Vegas Wedding, came over to hang with the Rajan clan. Since moving back to NYC from LA, Katt has become part of our extended NY family. She helped us pick out an amazing blue spruce and assisted us in decorating it before leaving us to go do grown up stuff with grown up people :)
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I tried to get a nice family picture of us decorating the tree, as you can see from these pics, there wasn't a fat chance I was going to stop Marlon and Sunil from Goofing, I should be the one to talk right?! All fun tho!

Blue Spruce in the Grandma Cart

The Girls putting up the tree

Sunil and Marlon Decorating

1st attempt at a happy family photo

2nd Attempt

Last Attempt....Good Enough

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