Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunil's Fatigue

Hey Peeps! Can you please keep Sunil in your prayers. He is suffering from what most people with brain tumors suffer from. FATIGUE. I've included an article that was sent to him about fatigue. Please keep him in your prayers and also keep his doctors in your prayers so that they will have the wisdom to help Sunil conquer this, I can't imagine what it must be like to be tired all the time!

from the ABTA(American Brain Tumor Association) Living and Coping email newsletter:
Conquering Fatigue
When you have a brain tumor, the words "I’m tired" have a profound meaning. Your fatigue may be unlike anything you've ever experienced. You may rest and sleep for a significant period of time and still feel exhausted. You actually may feel worse after a nap or night’s rest. In fact, the exhaustion may be so persistent that it interferes with your ability to adequately function, affecting your quality of life and perhaps that of your family.
Fortunately, fatigue has moved to the forefront of brain tumor treatment, and is a symptom that can be managed. By working with your doctor and health care team to identify how fatigue is affecting you and the potential cause, and by following important steps to help you conserve and improve energy, you may be able to minimize your fatigue and more effectively adapt to your changing abilities.

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