Sunday, October 19, 2008

I picked the Best Apple Ever!

The saying of the day was "I've picked the best apple ever!" and believe me, we did! Marlon, Sunil, Angela, and I went to Stuart Farms to go Apple picking today! It's all about heading out of the city and doing fun things outside before it gets too blessed cold! We picked a half a bushel and are now looking at it thinkin' "What the crap were we thinkin" that is alot of apples! So now, we make Apple Crisp. It's not cold enough outside for New York City to make our landlord turn our heat on so its 67 degrees in our house, we need to bake to warm the house up! :) Here are some picks of our outside adventure Get it Pic/Picks :). OH, I forgot to mention that we also had time to go to Sleepy Hollow and see where Washington Irving is buried. It's pretty amazing how OLD the cemetery is. There are people buried there from the revolutionary war!

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