Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer in Brief

Sorry we have been horrible keeping up on the blog the past two months. August was crazy! Sunil had Radiation and Avastin Treatments, Vidyut Pachi came to help, my sis came out for a week, I went to Minnesota, then Marlon, Sunil and I went to Michigan for Sunil's Dad's 60th Surprise party. (sigh) Then school started for Marlon, and Sunil decided to do the New York Musical Theater Festival, and I had a show last Tuesday, Sunil spent all day at the Doctors office on Thursday, got another Avastin treatment, Doc visit, and MRI which shows that the tumor is shrinking!!!!!!!!!!! (sigh) So that was our August and September in one long run-on paragraph.

Madison (God-Daughter), Me and Darth Vader hangin' out at the Science Museum. They had a huge star wars exhibit, it was fun. :) My sis and Madison in front of C3PO.

My Mom and I at the Minnesota State Fair. I ate Cheese on a stick, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Alligator and hush puppies, and a Pulled Pork Sandwich. Very Satisfying day! Look at all the tractors! Mom and Doug (Step-Dad) in front of us on the Sky Ride. Mom is afraid of heights so this is a big deal for her! Minnesota's Largest Bore!!! Isn't he just adorable!

This is Allison and Ivy! Joann and Me hanging at the Anderson's in Minnesota.

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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

send me the the pic of you and i...i love it! i am showing my cleave off...nice!!!