Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anna is in the Cat hospital!

Please send your prayers and happy thoughts to our Baby-Girl Anna who had to stay over night in the hospital because of her ear! She has a hematoma in her left ear that the Doctor needs to drain (ewww) the only way to do that is to knock her out and slice it open to drain. I guess he will then put a tube in it for us to continue draining it until it is better. Poor thing! She is our fraidy cat and I feel so bad for having to abandon her at the vet over night.

So yea, Sunil and I spent my Birthday at the vet. Needless to say I won't be getting a Birthday present as the Vet bill was $1100. UGH! Cody and Anna both got vaccinated. Because Cody is 16 pounds, his vaccinations we more $ because he needed double! :) Dumb big thing.

Sunil's Auntie Vidyut is on her way to our apartment as I type this. She came to help out this week during Sunil's treatment. Thank God she is coming. We need all the help we can get!

Love you all!

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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

well that is not a fun way to spend your birthday at all. did you get my phone message? did you get my package? i forgot to put the card in there. whoops. so the package that shows up at your house (soon i hope) is from me. love you.