Wednesday, July 16, 2008's hot...

Well, things haven't been that exciting. But I'll fill you in on the wonders of our nyc existance. UM....

We spent the 4Th of July in Atlantic Highlands, NJ at our friends Melissa and Jim (We've nicknamed the mifa and yimmy). They had a party at their apartment. Lots of amazing food, and fireworks. Plus they live in a small town and the town had a little carnival so we went on a ride. Good times. Mandi didn't(and couldn't) drive back to the city that night so Sunil, Angela and I spent the night at the Cahill's house. This is when I realized I am way too old to sleep on a floor! :) The best part of the sleepover was the amazing breakfast they cooked us the next morning. MMMMMM, it was bacon, pastries, fruit, orange juice, coffee, eggs, toast. MMMMMM

Yimmy Cooking Breakfast for us.
We all looked much better the night before this picture :)

OH, I did this program called "Steppin' out" at work, which is a program encouraging people to get off their lazy butts and walk daily. They sent us little pedometers to keep track of our steps, we then logged our steps daily for 6 weeks. I was the captain of my company's walking team so I decided we were going to go on little mini lunch adventures. We walked through battery park, south street seaport, financial district. Last week was out last week so we decided to go out with a bang and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was 3.66 miles from our work, across the bridge, down by the East River on the Brooklyn Side, and back again. Here are some pics of my co-workers walking.

Last Friday we went to Governor's Island on our lunch break. It's a small island that has been used for years as first defense against the British Intruders. Since the British are intruding anymore, they have now turned it into a park, and it is amazingly gorgeous. A must see! If you ever come to NYC.

So my lunch breaks have been pretty fun.


I'm playing softball with a team thru work. I haven't played since I moved to NYC. I'm having soooooo much fun! The weird part about it is that we play under the Manhattan Bridge on Astro-Turf! The two fields are so close together that a homerun in one field means the ball is in the infield of the other. Crazy.
Sunil's mom and dad are coming in for the day on Saturday and that is exciting. I wish they would stay longer but I understand that they need to get back to MI for stuff. But we love them and want them to spend a night some day! :)

Sunil is doing well. He continues to work here and there at the Lincoln Center Institute. It's usually day work and not that strenuous so that is good.
Marlon went to MI to see her Grammy get married on the 4th of July. She got to go tubing behind a boat for the very first time. She said it was scary but she still had fun!

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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

wow, lots happening. pics didnt show up, hoping its on my end and soon they will come up. i want to see your walking adventures. i know- i still need to send you food information...i havent fogotten. it's just a lot of info to compile. glad you are enjoying life. glad sunil is doing ok. sweet....