Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Event at Chelsea Piers

Balloon hats are fun!
Sunil, Marlon and I went to my works annual summer event. This year it was at Chelsea Piers, which is an amazing group of piers on the Hudson River. Interestingly enough, they film Law and Order at this pier. Our event included food, a clown, open bar (wahoo), bowling, ice skating, and golf. It was awesome! My co-worker Lin took a ton of pics, so I wanted to share a few with ya'll. Here is Marlon posing for the camera.

Alien Hat!

A bowling ball and Ice Skate on the face. Isn't face painting fun!!

Sunil update:
Sunil went to the doctor Friday before the picnic to get his brain mapped for radiation. He does his 3rd out of 4 Avastin treatments this Friday and begins his first of 5 radiation treatments next Friday. He is doing well. As always, he is exhausted. The stress of the tumor reappearing makes us both stressed which causes us to want to sleep, a lot. The Avastin treatments aren't making him too tired, but I think the radiation will probably wipe him out. Please pray for his energy level to increase. He is sick and tired of being "sick and tired." The doctors have had great results with the Avastin/Radiation combination, so I'm just praying that their wisdom will help wipe this stupid tumor out for good so Sunil can begin getting on with his life and not having to stop every year to get treatment.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and happy thoughts, it means a lot to us knowing that we have amazing family and friends that are always supporting us.

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