Monday, June 02, 2008

Playing with Photobooth

Marlon showed me this great little program on my new computer. I had no idea it existed. We had a ton of fun playing with it. So I leave you with the fruits of our labor. Please laugh, because we certainly did. At one point I screamed because Marlon took a FREAKY picture of herself. Let me know if you know the one I'm talking about.


AWWWWWW. Blech...

Marlon helped give my hair a "treatment" cuz my red hair is natural. Doesn't it look like I'm the professor from the movie "Top Secret" when he was using a magnifying glass and then looked up to see who walked in to the bookstore and showed his big magnified eye only to take the magnifying glass away to reveal that his eye was, in fact, that large to begin with??

Look mom, I'm in a tropical paradise! ;)

Good Times.

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